Carl Thorp Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1991 by the widow of artist and teacher, Carl Thorp, in conjunction with the Washington Art Association.

It is awarded annually to a graduating senior in Washington Parish who is entering an advanced study in visual arts.

Applicants are required to submit to the Scholarship Committee a portfolio of their art and an essay.

They are interviewed in early spring of their senior year.

The amount of this ONE-TIME scholarship  is  $500.00 and is presented at the recipient's Honor/Award Ceremony prior to graduation.


The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage advanced study of art among Washington Parish students.

 Since its inception, we have seen the benefits as some of the winners have excelled in their chosen fields of art expression and others have returned to the parish to teach talented art in the schools.

Scholarship Application

Qualifications for the application:

An essay which will cover three topics and should be typed, double-spaced and two pages in length Topics to be included:

1- Why I would like to study art

2- What is my final goal in art.

3-What this scholarship means to me.


Photographs of art work done in the last three (3) years (original or non-original), each photo labled showing size, title, medium and subject matter. Photos should contain at least 5 original and 5 non-original works. In addition, applicant should  bring to the interview a technique example of an original work and be prepared to explain the process used, why the subject was chosen and the medium used.


Each applicant will be interviewed by the scholarship committee. At that time he/she will bring in his/her essay and portfolio. The student's teacher may all to determine the time and place of the interview and set up an appointment.

DEADLINE for application: April 15th in the year of graduation.


 If you have any questions concerning requirements or the setting of appointments, you may contact Terry Seal at 985.839.3279.