Ellen A Barrett


Ellen  arrived in Washington Parish after living three years in Hawaii. Prior to Hawaii she lived in Virginia, Florida, Puerto Rico, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York.

She has always painted but it wasn't until 2003 when she started painting under Ann Warner that she began her love affair with painting knives.  (After complaining about ruined brushes  one too many times, Ann shoved a knife in her hand and Ellen never looked back.)

She has won Best of Show  several times in the Fine Art Building during the Fair.

Some of her most popular paintings are her crawfish and chickens, as well as her landscape and marine scenes.  Every once in a while on a whim she will paint a still life or portrait. 

She always signs her paintings while working on them with her signature (EAB) and her artist chop, BUT she sometimes changes a painting and forgets to re scratch them in, so it possible to have a painting with both, one or the other, or neither!

Occasionally she will drag out the acrylic, watercolor or pastel and make a painting or two with those.

Ellen is a very prolific painter and has been known to complete a painting in 15 minutes. Of course , she also has those problem children who have been hanging around for upwards of 15 years waiting to be completed. 

Ellen has recently started  teaching painting knife classes a few times a year at the Varnado Store Museum in Franklinton and at the Rutland Street Gallery in Covington. 

Her paintings can be found in the Rotating Galleries of Franklinton, and at the Rutland Street Gallery in Covington. 

She participates in the Varando Store  Museum's Christmas Festival , the Art Association's Spring Paint Sale and the ST. Micheal's  Art Show in Mandveille