Rotating Gallery IN FRANKLINTON

Riverside Medical Center


The following Businesses currently participate in the Rotating Gallery. 

If you are interested in becoming part of the Rotating Gallery, please contact Terry Seal at 839-3279

Riverside Medical Center

Currently on display in the hall from admitting to radiology are works from:

Jeanne Green, Bob Ann Breland,  Kharon Delaney, Terry Seal, Ellen Barrett, Noelani Galloway, Christine Beatty

Fair City Café ll

Janis (Smith) Fisher, Terry Seal, Lora Lynn Fendelson, Ellen Barrett

Sugar Shack

Esma Irvine, Katherine Haik, Kaye Williams, Theresa Wascom, Ellen Barrett, Terry Seal, Noelani Galloway

Bo's Steakhouse

Frances Miller, Katherine Haik, Janis (Smith) Fisher, Noelani (Barrett) Galloway, Terry Seal , Ellen Barrett.


Varnado Store Museum Annex

Noelani Galloway, Ellen Barrett

Phillip Smith, CPA

Terry Seal

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